Have You Ever Asked Someone For Financial Assistance But Get Disappointed? (READ THIS)


So you asked Mr A for a financial assistance but got disappointed?


The same way you’re looking for money is the same way the person you’re asking for money is looking for money.

If you start holding grudges against people because they can’t provide for you what you cannot provide for yourself then you need a mental evaluation,

Here’s a likely scenario;

You need 2k for subscription from a guy that needs 20k to fix his car,

Who is also looking up to his friend that needs 200k for his business and is asking for it from his brother that needs 2M to complete his house,

Who is in turn asking the finance company for loan of 20million to execute a government contract, of which the same government is requesting for a loan of 20billion from sterling Bank

Everybody has got problems.

Appreciate people that gives, no matter how little”.


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