Use Your Smartphone To Create Wealth For Yourself And Stop Complaining – Reno Omokri


Reno Omokri has called on Nigerians to stop complaining or find fault rather they should put their smartphones into work.

The outspoken political activist said that your smartphone is the solution to poverty, stop using it to gossip, chat and entertainment.

The former presidential aide has always advised youths to invest and use their smartphones to make more income.

He had a tutorial on youtube to teach his followers how to use a YouTube channel and get more views. Omokri is known for his great impact on youths. Read his tweet below

“Whether YouTube, Fiverr or Bitcoin, your smartphone is your solution to the disease of poverty. Use it for e-commerce. Don’t complain. Or find fault. You currently use it to gossip, chat and entertain yourself. Now flip it and use it to create wealth for yourself”.


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